What is Astrology ?

Astrology is the study of planets. The planets move in their own time and in their own space according to individual cycles. Astrology is based on the date, time and place of birth of a person. From the birth chart an astrologer can analyze the relationships between the nine planets, or Grahas, the twelve Rashis, or signs of the zodiac, and the twelve Bhavas, or houses, of the birth chart.

Why some predictions go wrong in Astrology. ?

Astrology deals with the behavior of human beings and the results got from his actions. It is a difficult task to study the influence of Plants and stars on the life of a person. With the help of astrology a good astrologer can find the influence of planet and stars and can interpret correctly as per time , age and country of an individual. Wrong predictions are due to the lack of knowledge of the astrologer.

Astrology is about Fate or free will. ?

Fate and free will both plays important role in one's life. Some times a person without much efforts becomes prosperous and some times after lot of efforts a person is deprived of success. Astrologer can gauge how much fate or free will will play the role in life of a person.

If every thing is destined then can i change my future. How astrology can help me. ?

Destiny of a person is due to his previous good or bad karmas. Destiny can not be changed, but due to the bad effect of some planets there comes some obstacles in reaping the due rewards of karma. With the help of astrology you can take corrective measures at correct time to reap the maximum benefits.

I do not have my birth details i.e Date of birth, Time of birth,How can i know my future? ?

Horary astrology deals with the answering of questions with reference to the time the question is asked. The Ascendant is related to the time, the question is asked. The advantage of this system is that if one does not know his/her time of birth, they can still know the future possibilities by using this system. Use of Palmistry branch of astrology can predict future by reading palms.

Is it necessary to match horoscopes for fixing marriage ? ?

As per the present day situation when the life is full of complexities, to some extent it helps. The matching of horoscopes was done for sexual compatibility and longevity but now more factors should be considered for deciding the match.

For twins the Time of birth, place of birth and their horoscopes will be same. Do they have similar lifes ?

For two persons born at the same time at the same place will show same type of horoscope with identical placement of planets and nakshatras. However their life and events may differ which is due to their past karmas. In such cases the lines on the palm will differ.


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